C-Zero and Drax have Announced a Deal for Carbon Removal.

C-Zero Markets and Drax have signed a contract to sell carbon dioxide removal credits from Drax’s first bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) facility in the United States.

Drax First BECCS Project

Under the deal, C-Zero will buy serval thousand metric tonnes of carbon removals from Drax’s first BECCS project at $300 per tonne. Drax aims to deliver 12 million metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) annually by 2030 through BECCS. 

“It’s great to be one of the first companies to get a deal done in this new market for carbon removals and particularly satisfying to secure the certificates from Drax’s first BECCS project.

Drax is one of the leading players in this space, and it has been great to work with them on process, compliance, and sustainability. This is fundamental to us as a business and to the clients we are supporting.”

Mike Ridler, Director of C-Zero Markets

Organisations use carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) to balance their hard-to-abate carbon emissions, achieve a net zero and, in some cases, a negative carbon status. Organisations are increasingly seeking carbon credits that are more durable and less risky, such as those produced by carbon removal technologies, to achieve their decarbonisation goals.

“Investment in BECCS projects and the trade in the certificates and evidence is essential for the UK to achieve its goal of capturing 5m t/y of CO2 using engineered greenhouse gas removals technology (GGRs).”

Bruce Brown, Director of Compliance Markets at C-Zero

Mike Ridler, Director of C-Zero Markets, commented,

“I’m thrilled that the partnership with Drax will help solve the other half of the climate equation with carbon removal. This will be a crucial development in the market for our clients and us; we are already receiving huge interest.” 

“This market will evolve quickly, and being involved from the start is a game changer for us and, more importantly, our clients.” 

Marc Bradbrook, Director of Business Development of Drax, added,

“Drax aims to be a global leader in BECCS – delivering renewable energy and carbon removals while becoming a major player in this potentially trillion-dollar market.” 

“While the CDR market is still in early stages, the clear demand that we are seeing for removals alongside the progressive policies being developed in the US to support BECCS is enabling the investment needed to spur this vital new sector of the economy.” 

“We hope this deal with C-Zero will demonstrate the continued growth of the sector and spur other companies to invest now to support the development of this vital market.” 

The C-Zero BECCS team will focus on industrial carbon capture, waste, Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS)-enabled hydrogen, power with CCUS, and engineered GGRs.

Access to the BECCS market will be integral to the service C-Zero will offer their clients to support net zero emissions targets, which require them to purchase carbon offset credits to compensate for the emissions they cannot cut themselves.

Therefore, this deal is essential and puts C-Zero and its client base ahead of the curve with this new, exciting, and developing opportunity.


Notes to Editors.

C-Zero supports companies and organisations with renewable energy and emission reduction solutions as they navigate the pathway to net-zero carbon by 2040.

To help businesses and organisations reduce and offset their carbon emissions.

At C-Zero, we work with companies to enable them to realise their decarbonisation strategies and targets.  Our diverse team has decades of experience understanding climate risks and opportunities in specific sectors.

C-Zero’s focus has always been to achieve the highest emission reduction standards, based on work by the Climate Group and International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

Our Carbon Offsets are real, quantifiable, additional, and permanent project-based emission reductions.