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Our team has a wealth of experience in renewable energy markets, environmental certificate trading, carbon accounting and carbon offsets. The depth and breadth of our knowledge enables us to provide a complete sustainability solution, whether you are a renewable energy generator seeking to maximise the value of your assets or a corporation seeking a complete carbon reduction solution for your business.


CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Mike has 20 years of experience working in international commodity markets and shipping, with the last 15 years in commercial roles in the Carbon, Gas and Freight markets.

Mike joined C-Zero in early 2021 as CEO to lead the company and has been critical in setting the strategy that transformed the company’s involvement in new markets and client offerings.

As CEO, Mike oversees a client-focused team managing Renewable Energy Certificates of Origin (REGO and RGGO) and Carbon Offset markets.

His long-term aim is to position C-Zero at the forefront of global change and help facilitate a move to lower carbon emissions around the globe.

  • mike.ridler@c-zeromarkets.com



CCO – Chief Commercial Officer

Bruce is passionate about carbon reduction and creating solutions for business to meet their climate goals. In 2021 he co-founded C-Zero as a platform to deliver on these objectives.
Over the past 20 years, he has been involved in developing a broad spectrum of energy projects emphasising renewable technologies. He was initially developing a waste biogas plant in the early 2000s. He set up a Bygen Power in 2010, focussing on solar panel wholesale investment through the critical UK market development period.
Bruce has held various senior management and board positions, including a AIM, listed offshore oil and gas seismic survey contractor, responsible for growing the offshore wind farm sub-seabed imaging capability.

At C-Zero, Bruce focuses on developing partnerships through the value chain. From the bottom up, he has in-depth knowledge of carbon emissions calculation and compliance markets. He has extensive relationships with off-set providers from the top-down to enable carbon mitigation and reduction for C-Zero clients.
Bruce works with C-Zero’s clients and partners to originate and trade their necessary market implements.

  • bruce.brown@c-zeromarkets.com



Charlie, since 1997 has worked the energy and green markets. From 2004 he was a fund manager for a London-based multi-family office, focussing on physical and financial energy commodity markets.

Charlie has a strong background and track record in renewable PPAs (power purchase agreements) and leads on C-Zero offset certificate markets. More recently, Charlie has been working with clients to reduce carbon emissions through biodiversity and sustainability projects.

  • charles.ward@c-zeromarkets.com

Charles Ward
Clare Haigh


Head of Environmental Markets

Clare has been in the Energy industry since 2009. She has spent the last ten years at Good Energy, developing and managing their renewable PPA portfolio and ensuring their green certificate compliance.

She joined C-Zero in 2023 with a focus on green power and gas certificate origination whilst ensuring power and green gas generator clients maximise the value of their renewable assets.

Clare also supports some of C-Zero’s corporate clients looking to match their climate solutions directly with renewable assets and specific carbon offset projects.

She has been fundamental in building this “bespoke” approach, enabling corporates to demonstrate any required compliance and certified proof of their contributions to environmental progress, backed by a fully transparent process.

  • clare.haigh@c-zeromarkets.com

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