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Compliance Carbon Markets (CCMs)

Compliance carbon markets (CCMs) – also referred to as Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) – are mandatory regional, national or international regimes for regulating and trading carbon allowances.

They usually operate through a ‘cap and trade’ mechanism, with government-defined maximum emission limits known as allowances or credits up to a defined ‘cap’.  These allowances or credits can be traded to enable excess allowances from low emitters to be transferred to higher-emitters.

We can work with you to understand your emissions obligations, calculate your current emissions, and identify the best emission reduction and abatement solutions for your business. With our expertise in the key compliance markets, we can help to source additional credits to meet your obligations, or take excess credits to market if your emissions fall below the permitted levels.

“At C-Zero, we don’t see “Net Zero” as an additional requirement or burden, but rather as a fundamental way of doing business that is unique to each company.”

Bruce BrownBruce Brown,
Chief Commercial Officer


Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs)

Voluntary carbon markets enable carbon emitters to offset their unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits from projects targeted at preventing greenhouse gas release, or removing greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

VCMs are complicated to navigate. There are many different types of carbon credits and ensuring the quality of the credits used to offset emissions is critical in achieving genuine emissions reduction targets.

C-Zero can help you measure your emissions and define the best reduction and abatement solutions for your business. We have the experience and links to access high-quality carbon credits to offset emissions that cannot be reduced.

“The market for voluntary carbon offsets took a decade to grow 50% – but is now expanding at record pace, from around $2 billion in 2022 to an expected $100 billion by 2030 and $250 billion by 2050.”

Mike Ridler,
Chief Commercial Officer


Green Gas Purchase Agreements (GPAs)

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