Green Certificates And Environmental Markets

C-Zero is an established expert at providing market access and price transparency across European environmental and green certificate markets.

Through trusted and longstanding partnerships and relationships, we can offer our clients bespoke solutions and deal structures to achieve their carbon and compliance targets.


  • Renewable Generators
  • Utilities
  • Businesses and Corporates

Our Markets

Renewable Energy Certificates
Over the past ten years, Renewable Energy Certificates have become instrumental in ensuring that the value of renewable energy is evidenced and realised.
“We have seen a huge uptick in buying interest from the voluntary market in addition to more traditional compliance buying. Transparency is key for us, and we have built long term relationships on the back of it.”
Mike Ridler – C-Zero

Guarantees of Origin: RECs, I-RECs, REGOs, GOs are the widely recognised instruments guaranteeing the renewable credentials of electricity supplied.

Guarantees of Origin (GoO) is evidence that generated power is from renewable sources. One certificate represents the generation of 1 Megawatt hour of electricity.

REGO Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin provides transparency to energy consumers about the proportion of electricity suppliers sourced from renewable generation in the UK.


Green Gas And Biomethane Markets

Each unit of green gas injected into the grid displaces a unit of conventional gas. Schemes such as GGCS tracks each unit of green gas from: –

  • its injection into the distribution grid
  • any trades
  • to its sale to a consumer or group of consumers

Green gas production arises from many sources such as anaerobic digestion, landfill gas and synthetic gas from gasification.

Biomethane is a direct substitute for natural gas distributed via the national grids. Green Gas Certificates enable companies to make 100% renewable gas claims.

RGGO and BMC are market-based green gas instruments.


The UK and Europe have implemented “cap-and-trade” systems to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to companies participating in these compliance markets, companies are increasingly looking at voluntary reduction targets. ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting is a crucial driver for companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

C-Zero continues to support our clients by providing voluntary emissions offsets, such as Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) in addition to UK carbon certificates (UKAs) and European EUAs.


Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) provide transparency to energy consumers about the proportion of electricity suppliers source from renewable generation in the UK.

Every MWh of renewable electricity produced in the UK, whether it is wind, solar, hydro or biomass, can claim REGOs through OFGEM registration to be utilised by either an energy supplier or user to prove renewable credentials of that power.

REGOs are predominantly used by UK based energy suppliers. Users prove that their energy comes from renewable sources, supporting their green credentials and helping de-carbonise the energy networks.

C-Zero has strong relationships with renewable energy producers offering full off-take contracts for REGO and power production. For smaller generators, we work to amalgamate smaller volumes to create tradable tranches.


Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates support decarbonising the transport sector by encouraging the production and use of renewable fuels that do not impact the environment.

RTFCs are produced from mainly renewable fuels such as Biodiesel, Bioethanol and Biomethane, created from either waste or product feedstocks.

RTFCs are subsequently sold into the transport market of either road-going vehicles, air transport, maritime transport or Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM).

Fuel suppliers can use RTFCs to evidence that the mandated percentage of the fuel supplied is from renewable sources, driving the carbon intensity of our transport sector down.

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